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‘Why do you look at me so?’ cried Basil. ‘You doubt

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'He has no man with him but young --, as aide de camp, and a single valet de chambre.'

‘Why do you look at me so?’ cried Basil. ‘You doubt

'No MAN--but, Redgauntlet, as you are a gentleman, has he no woman with him?'

‘Why do you look at me so?’ cried Basil. ‘You doubt

Redgauntlet cast his eyes on the ground and replied, 'I am sorry to say--he has.'

‘Why do you look at me so?’ cried Basil. ‘You doubt

The company looked at each other, and remained silent for a moment. At length Sir Richard proceeded. 'I need not repeat to you, Mr. Redgauntlet, what is the well-grounded opinion of his Majesty's friends concerning that most unhappy connexion there is but one sense and feeling amongst us upon the subject. I must conclude that our humble remonstrances were communicated by you, sir, to the king?'

'In the same strong terms in which they were couched,' replied Redgauntlet. 'I love his Majesty's cause more than I fear his displeasure.'

'But, apparently, our humble expostulation has produced no effect. This lady, who has crept into his bosom, has a sister in the Elector of Hanover's court, and yet we are well assured that our most private communication is placed in her keeping.'


'She puts his secrets into her work-bag,' said Maxwell; 'and out they fly whenever she opens it. If I must hang, I would wish it to be in somewhat a better rope than the string of a lady's hussey.'



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