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What happens if you drink alcohol with cephalosporin and drink it with cephalosporin? ,

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the problem of cephalosporin drinking, so the editor has sorted out an answer related to introducing cephalosporin drinking, let us take a look together. What happens if you drink wine with cephalosporin? What happens if you drink wine with cephalosporin? Presumably, many friends have a certain understanding of the relationship between cephalosporins and alcohol. The combination of the two is prone to "disulfiram reaction": that is, people who have taken cephalosporins will have facial flushing if they drink alcohol again. , accelerated breathing, and even stagnation of breathing. After taking cephalosporin, it takes 4~5 days for the inhibited deoxygenase in the body to fully recover, but this time will vary according to each person's physique. Therefore, doctors generally ask patients: within 7 days after taking cephalosporin. You can drink alcohol. You can't drink alcohol after taking cephalosporins, so can you take cephalosporins after drinking? What is the difference between the two? First of all, let's take a look at the decomposition rate of alcohol for normal healthy adults: the body can decompose 7-9 grams of alcohol in 1 hour; 8 bottles of beer (600ml) of alcohol can be digested in 24 hours. Of course, this decomposition speed is just an average number, and people with good metabolism will definitely have a much faster decomposition speed. For those with liver insufficiency or even liver damage, it is more troublesome to break down alcohol. In addition, people who drink regularly and people who don't drink often have different decomposition rates for alcohol. For example, a bottle of beer can be decomposed in less than 10 minutes for people who drink often, but it may take nearly half an hour for people who don’t drink often. Therefore, there is no clear answer to how long it takes to take cephalosporin after drinking. To be on the safe side, doctors recommend not taking cephalosporins within three days of drinking. Of course, if you are very drunk and have a lot of alcohol in your body, it is recommended to delay the time of taking cephalosporins, especially for the elderly, you should pay more attention. So far, the above is the editor's introduction to the problem of cephalosporin drinking. I hope that the one-point answer about cephalosporin drinking will be useful to everyone.

What happens if you drink alcohol with cephalosporin and drink it with cephalosporin? ,



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