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Purcell Tucker ➻ Purcell Tucker Elf

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of Purcell Tucker Star, which will also explain the Purcell Tucker Elf. If it happens to solve the problem you are facing now Don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! A list of the contents of this article: 1. How to play the fourth level of the Purcell mobile game Tak Star 2. How to beat Purcell’s Hamlet 3. Purcell’s dragon series Hamlet, Taklin, Tasia, Seville How to play respectively? Please everyone... 4. Where is the Purcell mobile game Tucker? How to play the fourth level of the Purcell mobile game? Next, click on the fourth level of Days Star on the page. Finally, you can pass the level by dodging the attack on the page. The third condition of the first level needs to be played with low-power physical attack skills (55-power gravel strike), and the skill damage must be below 120. Just try a few more times if you are not satisfied. The last one can only beat Hamlet with one move, Dragon King Wave, and Yunus, whose speed exceeds 200 (it can also be 180, but you must be playing for the first time). How does the Purcell fight Hamlet 1. The first type of Purcell Tack Star: The easiest way. 2J Iyoda or 15J Nibu or 12J Julian spray with water (no need to be very advanced), and then use the magic flame orangutan (speed 190 or blood volume above 240, that is, can resist a dragon king to destroy the broken array) Desperate flames try their luck. Restart the MISS, and restart even if the BOSS is not dead. 2. There is another style of play that is more biased towards luck-the spike style of play. The spike elf generally used is the old devil - the magic flame orangutan. I don't know how many bosses can be killed in seconds with one move of fatal flame. If you can come up, you can hit Hamlet with the flame of death, if you can't, you can run away and come back. You can also use Lisa Bubu to use up the moves, and then use the magic flame orangutan to fight slowly. 3. Specific play method: First, a Mona Lisa consumes Hamoret’s enhancement and pp value. Hameret can’t beat us on the Purcell, Tucker, and we can also use photosynthesis to maintain our battery life. . We want to maintain our pp values and our reinforcements. After Hamlet's skills are exhausted, we can make unlimited moves. 4. After learning the extreme freezing point of Purcell Axia, go to fight Hamlet. If you hit MISS, try again until you kill him in seconds. The second way is to teach the Purcell Tucker, hello: an eighty-one Ecarion, you need these tricks: concentrate juice, regeneration, Chiba chop, and condense. He attacks, you regenerate, his dragon's will, you condense. 5. The easiest way to play is to play weekly, weekly and Sunday 1: just fight in groups like playing Naniferon. Weekly and Sunday style of play 2: Use burns, frostbite, and poisoning. Note: You can only be replaced when you die. All elves are faster than Elsera. It doesn't matter if you don't die within 2 strokes. How do Purcell dragon Hamlet, Taklin, Tasia, and Sewell fight? Please everyone... Round 4: Calux breaks armor - 2 defenses and continues to lose Sewell, and the others Enhanced, Boob still increases blood. After the 3 people have been strengthened, they will fight Tasia directly. After being attacked, Seville is basically useless. If he hits 60-80 blood, a boob can be added back, and Carlux will change to the combat system and strengthen. First kill Tasia and Taklin with one blow. Use RP to oppress, crush Sewell to death, and then die in seconds. "Purcell" is a turn-based tactical development web game developed and operated by Shanghai Taomi Network Technology Co., Ltd. It was released in mainland China on June 12, 2009, and its sequel is "The Legend of Joseph". You can pass this level by defeating Dragon Soul Tarsia, and the difficulty of Dragon Soul Tarsia can be weakened by challenging True Dragon Tarsia and True Dragon Sewell. There is no need to weaken the difficulty to challenge Dragon Soul Taklin, because the challenge is very simple: carry green fire, Lord of Blades King Russ strengthens once, and then kills him fifth in two moves. True Dragon Sewell's style of play, if there is Emperor Zhaolie Liu Bei or Phantom Butterfly, Ten Thousand Enemies, you can self-destruct, rebound, and make up the knife first. It is also possible for Wang Ha to fight first, and instant kill is also fine. Saft can also use the initiative. Taklin, high attack, low defense and high lethality, it is recommended to use restraint dragon-type elves to attack. Lisa can take a move, and she can eliminate her strength. A BOSS that relies entirely on strength. Can't kill it instantly with Magic Flame. Tasia is relatively weak, and can cause considerable damage with poison powder, vortex, and flame vortex. Sewell is a very difficult boss. Where is Purcell Tucker Star 1. Go to Tucker Star to save the elves. Enter the game "Purcell", open the mission file of Purcell in the upper right corner and select the mystery of light and darkness. Come to Tucker Star, click on the black shadow in the upper left corner of the screen. After a conversation, confirm the challenge, and click on the little Saier number. 2. The Seite Buster of Purcell has completed the mission of the mysterious visitor. According to the official website of the Purcell, after completing the mission of the mysterious visitor, he came directly to the laboratory, where the Seite Buster appeared. Therefore, the Purcell Seite Buster completed the mission of the mysterious visitor. The mobile game "Purcell" is produced by Shanghai Taomi Network Technology Co., Ltd. 3. On the Tucker star in the Karan galaxy, you can click on the Ninja Soul Secret Room on the Tucker star, or you can directly click the SPT in the upper right corner, there are. 4. Where Snake appears: Dark Mystery City on Tucker Star, spawn monsters, and appear next to it. The place where Dabila appears: Sto Star Cave, block the hole with stones, wait for it to stun, click to capture. Where Neil appears: the entire planet in the pervasive galaxy, spawning monsters. (He won't turn into boos) Run away for 8 rounds. 5. In Purcell, where can the elves of the light system be caught? Among the elves, Santenova is the strongest in PK, and Elsera is the best for fighting bosses. Except for these two, only cleverness can be caught Bird and Keppel and Mondo, among the three, Mondo is not bad. Mundo in the Maze mirror on the planet Maze in the Rift Galaxy. 6. Currently, there is no "Ninja Chamber" map in Purcell. According to the description, the question should be "Where is the Purcell Ninja Soul Chamber?" Enter the game, click on the interstellar map--Galaxy Exploration--Kalan Galaxy--Tak Star--Ninja Soul Secret Room to get there. That’s all for the introduction of the Purcell Tucker. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about the Purcell Tucker Elf and the Purcell Tucker, don’t forget to search on this site.

Purcell Tucker ➻ Purcell Tucker Elf



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