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Website design project description➣How to write website design project description

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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of website design project description, which will also explain how to write website design project description. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now , don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! A list of the contents of this article: 1. How to write a website design plan? 2. How to write a web design project requirement specification 3. What are the main contents of the website design plan? 4. How to write a web design project plan and website design plan? According to the purpose of the website And functional planning website content, the general enterprise website should include: company profile, product introduction, service content, price information, contact information, online order and other basic content. Analysis of the main competitors in the market, competitors' Internet access and their website planning and functions. Analysis of the company's own conditions, company profile, market advantages, what competitiveness can be enhanced by using the website, and the ability to build the website (cost, technology, manpower, etc.). You can investigate the information that people want to read in advance, and investigate people's satisfaction with the content of the webpage after the webpage is published, so as to adjust the content of the webpage in time. Web design Web art design generally must be consistent with the overall image of the enterprise and must comply with CI specifications. Website positioning analysis, one sentence explains the core positioning of the website; one sentence explains the website building goal; one sentence explains the function of the website platform. The basic attributes of the website, using short text to describe the basic attributes of the website, including: Website domain name suggestion: Tell customers how to choose a domain name or help customers choose a domain name. How to write the webpage design project requirements specification How to write the webpage design specification for a suit is written as follows: Design goals: including purposes for sales, brand promotion, display and other goals. Target audience: some statistical data can be used to describe the target audience, such as the user's age, gender, occupation and other characteristics. Home page design requirements: highlight the theme, software company; positioning: summarize the overall style of the entire website, display the overall image of the company, and fully reflect the company's scale, business philosophy, main business and main products in combination with the actual situation of the company. Web design art design requirements, web art design generally should be consistent with the overall image of the enterprise, and must comply with the corporate CI specification. Pay attention to the color of the webpage, the application of pictures and layout planning, and maintain the overall consistency of the webpage. When adopting new technologies, the geographical distribution, age group, network speed, and reading habits of the main target audience should be considered. The project manager's responsibilities in demand analysis are as follows: Responsible for organizing relevant developers and users to conduct demand analysis together. Organize art and technical backbone representatives or all members (discuss with users) to write the "Website Function Description (First Draft)" document. What are the main contents of the website design plan? 1. The website design plan also includes a website promotion plan, because different promotion plans require different website architectures. Let me briefly tell you that Google and Baidu have different algorithms for search engines, so you have to see which search engine website promotion you mainly do, and then plan the website structure. 2. The basic content of web design includes the following points: Prototype diagram. In the prototype diagram stage, the [designer] needs to communicate with the product manager. 3. The visual display is ever-changing, and the visual display of products is the most basic content of building a corporate website product display system. The planner of the website construction plan can determine the specific content of the product display of an enterprise website according to the four aspects of classification, picture, description, and concept. 4. The basic content of the website production planning case: market analysis before building the website. The characteristics of the market industry and the feasibility of network development. Market competitor analysis. The company's own analysis and website building capabilities. The purpose and functional positioning of the website. A clear purpose for building a site. Integrate company resources and determine website functions. The web design project proposal, such as whether the product center uses a dynamic program database or a static page; whether the marketing network uses a list or a map display. Web design Art design requirements of web design, web art design generally must be consistent with the overall image of the enterprise, and must comply with the corporate CI specification. . Each teaching and research group selects and appoints correspondents respectively. It is required to have solid teaching skills and excellent writing or computer skills. 2. The leaders of each teaching and research group are required to pay attention to the work of the website, strengthen contact with correspondents, and keep abreast of the dynamics of the unit. The so-called big first and then small means that when making a web page, first design the large structure, and then gradually improve the small structure design. The so-called first simple and then complex, is to design simple content first, and then design complex content, so that it is easy to modify when problems arise. This is the end of the introduction about website design project description and how to write website design project description. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Website design project description➣How to write website design project description



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